Madang roads bad for tourism!

WHILE we appreciate the good work by Melanesian Tourism Service and Sir Peter Barter in bringing tourism into Madang with the next lot on P&O Cruise Lines (Feb 15), we are very concerned with the current state of infrastructure in Madang. The condition of streets and roads in the former beautiful town is real an eyesore and directly reflects the commitment the provincial leaders and stakeholders put into promoting tourism in the province. In the picture is the round-about in front of Madang Butchery or Anderson, just a stone’s throw from the wharf where P&O Cruise Line will berth to see international tourists disembark. Almost all streets in Madang now have similar potholes and the town is rapidly deteriorating. Instead of seeing beautiful Madang, the tourists will first see the “huge volcanic crater-like” potholes that see many trucks and vehicles struggle to run on. – Words and pictures: MATHEW YAKAI.

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