Krangket Islanders demand power

Caption: Krangket Islanders with their Ward One member, John Guluman expressed concern that they need electricity on the island. Picture: Mathew Yakai


MORE than 3200 people of Krangket Island, off Madang town, are demanding PNG Power and Madang Province authorities including their Open Member, Nixon Duban work together and reinstall electricity back on the island.

The islanders gathered on the island on Monday and urged the authorities to look into the issue.

They said they have been left in total darkness over past two years following the disconnection of a marine cable.

Ward One member, John Guluman said the people have been denied electricity service that enables them to venture into other business activities including fishing and storage, ice-block making and others.

“How can the government talk about SME and yet we are unable to provide supporting infrastructures including electricity to enable all to participate?

“We have no land to garden. The fish we catch cannot be stored to sell later because of no electricity. All our electricity appliances have deteriorated in the past two years,”Mr Guluman claimed.

“We are just a stone’s throw from Madang mainland but have been ignored and left in total darkness. Other provinces are receiving basic services and how can we the landowners of Madang live like this?” Mr Guluman asked.

He said the island has a primary school, two lodges – Krangket Logde and Kilongoi Lodge.

“I appeal to the Nixon Duban to immediately intervene and have some understanding with PNG Power to install electricity soon,” Mr Guluman said.

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