Vote in God-fearing leaders: Polye

Caption: Polye receiving a locally-produced shirt from a graduand Lauye Kilai at Bumayong in Lae yesterday.

OPPOSITION Leader Don Polye has called on Christians in the country to make their prayers true by electing honest and God-fearing leaders in this year’s election.

Mr Polye said they should not be just praying for this crop of leaders without any action.

“Given the unprecedented level of corruption, breaching of rule of law and good governance, erosion of democracy and others systems by the government, our Christians have requested our Creator in their prayer for leaders who can address these problems aggressively,” said Mr Polye on Monday when speaking to hundreds of people at Bumayong in Lae, Morobe Province.

He said their prayers without action were blank, adding they should make informed decisions in electing leaders to complement this prayer point.

Mr Polye said youths resorted to criminal activities, prostitution, alcoholism and other ill-activities due to lack of skills or opportunities.

He was speaking to hundreds of people, including more than 580 graduands who graduated Monday with certificates in mindset change and life skill training in a various trades.

“Even if they have the opportunities available but our people will continue to miss out on opportunities because they do not have the necessary skills to participate actively in our economy,” he said.

“You (graduands) have done exactly what is right. This is the solution to our country’s economic dilemma.”

Mr Polye said many foreigners took up the opportunities available for trades’ workforce in the first LNG project.

“Our country lacks welders, crane and machine operators, and carpenters among others. Many Papua New Guineans lack these skills to do technical work.Foreigners benefitted already and left out shores. Our unemployment rate keeps increasing. What you (graduands) have done has showed us the leaders the way to solve this time-bomb,” he said.

He said up skilling every Papua New Guinean was THE party’s policy, adding he believed in “skilling our people for their economic prosperity”.

Polye committed K50,000 to complete a Lutheran church hall at Bumayong.

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