Solomon lauds cutting red tape

Caption: Community Development Secretary Anna Solomon.


SECRETARY for Community Development, Anna Solomon, has hailed monthly heads of department meetings as a success in the coordination of the public service.

Giving credit to the Chief Secretary of Government and initiator of the meets, Isaac Lupari, Ms Solomon has maintained that the coordination between departmental heads has for the first time been more effective than ever before.

She gave testament to the achievement of the inclusion of sign language interpreters on the country National Broadcasting Corporation’s (NBC) news telecasts that was enabled through effective interagency coordination that the meetings provided to achieve a concept to have an inclusive environment for the country’s disable population.

“I’d also like to acknowledge my chief secretary. You have brought in a leadership that has helped the public service coordinate better.”

“Thank you for that great leadership. The coordination is what was missing. I salute you for the monthly departmental heads meeting. Because it is very difficult for me to get some of these people, especially from the department I come from.”

“And these monthly meetings have allowed me to communicate better with a lot of the heads that are sitting here.”

“Because one of the outcomes of that I hosted the second department of heads meeting I would like to acknowledge KoraNou (Acting Managing Director NBC) sitting there from Kundu TV (NBC TV).’

She said the call to enable the change for access to deaf citizens to have access to TV news was made during the second departmental heads meeting, thanking the Acting Managing Director for NBC KoraNou and Imelda Argon from National Gaming Control Board.

“When you thinking of a family you are thinking of the elderly, a mother father, people with disability, and children- those are all who make up a family and all who make up a community.”

“Not only have we removed barriers for our people who have hearing impairment, we take it for granted when we watch the news that they do not know what is happening.”

“These are very important people who citizens of our country like you and me who just have special needs that we need to cater for.”


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