Battle lost, but war not over: Polye


AFTER losing its attempt to overthrow the government on Friday’s vote of no confidence, opposition leader Don Polye said they would maintain their stance to hold the government accountable for good governance in the country.

He said despite the loss, they were not moved by their focus to fight corruption at the highest levels.

“After all this I would like to stress the focus or the fight of the opposition the alternative government has been fighting will not lose focus,” Mr Polye said.

“The focus is fighting corruption in Papua New Guinea. The focus of this team is making sure that there is a strong compliance to the rule of law and upholding of justice.

“The focus of this team is making that the institutions of governance, the public service delivery mechanisms in place are strengthened effective.”

He said what occurred on the floor was a minor battle for a war that keeps the country from being destroyed.

“What you saw in parliament today is just a minor battle. We have lost the battle but we will win the war against what is destroying this country,” he said.

“Peter O’Neill we will continue to maintain he is not a fit and proper person to maintain this economy.

“We will provide alternative solutions and policies we have done into 2017 elections. We will continue to make use of the resources we have available to make our people realize what we are saying.”

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