Kali: Uphold public service values

Caption: Public Service boss John Kali.


DEPARTMENT of Personnel Management Secretary John Kali, has reminded public servant in Port Moresby of the values that they swore to uphold when they took their oath of office to work for the state.

Mr Kali reminded a huge turnout of public servants in the capital, for the Public Servants Dedication Service that took place on Tuesday at the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium complex, that as servants for the state the values that were placed on them to uphold are derived direct from the constitution of the country.

“These values have been drawn from the constitution, our Christian principles, our traditional society, and of course the corporate world,” he said.

“These six values are firstly honesty, where you always stand up and stick out for the truth; integrity – steadfast appearance to moral and ethical principles in private and public life in a manner that attracts respect and sense of dependability.

“Accountability, taking ownership of our own actions and accepting responsibility for the actions of individuals groups and organisations in our preview and ensuring records in relation to incentives and rewards are current and transparent; Respect – an intrinsic trait of our society that promotes the positive relationship with individuals, community, organisations and emphasises the positive regard for the rule of law.”

He said wisdom was the capacity to have a deeper understanding of issues involving discernment, intuition, experience and maturity and the ability to inspire and encourage action to overcome challenges for the advancement of the people.

With the final value being responsibility- accepting stewardship for the people and the country being guided by one’s conscious, actively making choices for the public interest considering the implication of decisions and dealing with their consequences and developing capacity in others.

He presented a scenario in where all the values wouldbe ever present in public service workforce’s daily decisions and conduct both in private and in public.

“I can assure you that we would make a positive impact on the people around us and in the organisations we work in and hence creating a new culture of the public service,” Mr Kali said.

“Because the change of the public service culture starts in me, starts in you- I ask each one of your to allow Christ to come into our lives to dwell in us so we can change the inside out.”

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