Wafi-glopu celebrate in mud

Caption: Mud game 1 – Mr Richards (centre) surrounded by staff and the Venembeli community.

 The Wafi-Golpu Project in Morobe Province welcomed the New Year with the local Venembeli Village of  the Yanta tribe with a yearly tradition, the ‘mud game.’

At around 8am on Sunday more than 20 youths, women and children from Venembeli came to the camp’s carpark to rub mud on employees to welcome the New Year.

WGJV Project Operations Manager, Shane Richards, and his team welcomed them to the ‘mud game’ celebrations.

“This has become a tradition at the camp and every year we’ve had the local communities come to our  camp to welcome the New Year,” he said.

WGJV Community Engagement Superintendent, Dollie Kumgi, said this was part of celebrating the New Year and building a good relationship with the surrounding communities.

“The community often get themselves organised with mud after painting themselves and have the mud taken with them to share the moment by rubbing mud on the employees.

It’s the Wafi way to welcome the New Year with the communities and it’s all part of maintaining a good relationship with the Wafi-Golpu project team,” he said.

Mr Kumgi said the project team is looking forward to continue to build a good working relationship with the locals in the New Year.

The villages of Hekeng from the Hengambu tribe and Venembeli of the Yanta tribe take turns in welcoming the New Year with employees manning the camp during the festive period.

This time around it was the Venembeli community’s turn. The occasion ended with light refreshments.

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