Motion harms PNG’s image: Marape


FINANCE Minister James Marape said that the vote of no confidence itself has repercussion of harming the country’s image of stability.

He said the mode of operation of the opposition is causing chaos, confusion, strife, disorder and emotion in society other than Parliament itself.

He was speaking during debate opposition sponsored on the vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“We have motion that is totally aloof in substance. We have a motion that nothing to do with advancement of a country, but has everything to do with the ugly side, the lustful side attempt to grab power,” Mr Marape claimed.

“We have a motion that has harmed Papua New Guinea’s international image and had confused the very people who want to invest in an economy and create jobs.

“Hypocrisy when you talk about creating jobs when you are causing harm to the country’s image.”

He ridiculed the opposition for what he said was propaganda to tarnish the Prime Minister.

“The headlines you grab every time both in formal media and social media. The headlines we generate goes and has direct impact on the image our country portrays and investors they see and read headlines,” he said.

“I don’t need to go into the sort of headline that are being propagated by our friends on the other side.

“We have a motion that seeks to replace the most successful Prime minister in the development of our country.

“Members of opposition continue to talk down the economy and shamelessly try to scare away our investors.”

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