Police urged to conduct foot patrols in NCD

Caption: Community leader and long time resident of 2Mile Settlement for more than 15 years, Philip Sino says he is appealing to the two police stations in Moresby South electorate, Port Moresby and Badili stations, to do night patrols during peak drinking days from Thursdays to Saturdays and also as a lead up exercise towards the election period in April.


A community leader in 2Mile Settlement in the Moresby South electorate is calling on the police command in NCD to engage police officers to do night patrols to maintain law and order issues in the area.

A long-time resident of 2Mile, Philip Sino, 35, from Salt Nomane Karimui in Chimbu, said police must patrol all the settlements in 2Mile and the surrounding areas like Korobosea, Badili and Kaugere where a lot of petty crimes and illegal activities were going on and still continuing where people’s lives and properties are at risk.

Sino said police commanders from the two police stations in Moresby South, Port Moresby and Badili, must assign officers on a weekly basis to patrol 2Mile and other hotspot areas in the electorate during peak drinking days starting from Thursday to Saturday.

“I humbly appeal on behalf of the 2Mile community and call on the NCD Police Commander Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi to assign police officers from the two police stations in Moresby South to do night patrols in all the settlements in the electorate.

“A lot of criminal activities have been ongoing in these areas for many years and we hardly seen any police patrolling the settlements and streets at night. People illegally brewed homebrew alcohol, sell bags of marijuana and youths having dance party during weekends with loud music.

“Given the election year, these issues will only get worse if the police didn’t intervene soon to exercise such nightly policing patrols in the area,” Sino said.

According to Sino, 2Mile is like a gateway to all the settlements in Moresby South where people make their journeys crossing 2Mile daily. He said the area is also like a frontier to them were people living in Badili or Kaugere come to 2Mile and do bus holdups and escape and the innocent people living near the main road always get the blame for all the bad things that are happening.

Certain people in the Moresby South are still brewing homebrew and now people are also selling alcoholic drinks like Warrior and Coffee Punch where residents in the electorate walk long distances in the night to buy these stuffs from places like Kaugere.

Mr Sino further said the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) must also come into these settlements and check all the tradestores that are selling beer and ask if a tradestore owner in a settlement was issued an alcohol license to sell beer, is it legal for him to also sell stuff like Warrior and Coffee Punch drinks.

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