NCC has new board

Caption:  Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Tobias Kulang  (center with suit), (left of Minister) NCC.

THE National Cultural Commission (NCC) has sworn in new board members on Wednesday where the members had been urged to revitalize the organisation to revive cultural activities to promote the country.

Minister for Tourism, Arts and Gallery, Tobias Kulang when thanking the new board members said it is important that the new members were appointed from provinces in the different regions in PNG with representatives from stakeholders in both the public and private sectors so that the decisions they make represent the interest of everyone connected with cultural and tourism activities in the country.

Kulang said the government concentrate on areas where they think might have huge potential in  tourism like East New Britain and Milne Bay but this must not be confined to these areas only because PNG is very rich in arts and cultures and every provinces must be given a fair chance to promote their cultures to the world.

“We have Keryn Hargreaves who has been in the industry for many years with the Goroka Cultural Show who brings with her vast experience. The recent 60th Goroka Cultural Show has seen high profile visitors coming from USA and as a result PNG has been rated by the National Geographic Channel as a place to visit,” he said.

“We have Dr John Bu who is a medical surgeon by profession who is into business in the private sector.

“We also have Wesley John Hantan representing the tourism industry in Madang and the Momase region. The government has been focusing too much on Alotau and Kokopo but Madang is a sleeping giant and we need to wake it up.”

He said the board need to work together in order to promote and preserve the integrity of our cultures and traditions and   showcase them to the world.

The NCC has been without a board since February this year.

The new board members include ex-officio members Arai Pula (Prime Minister  Department and NEC); Dr Bill Francis Sagir  (UOG); Senea Greh (National Museum and Art Gallery); Dr Uke Kombra (Education Department); and non ex-officio members Wesley John Hantan, Dr John Bu and Keryn Hargreaves.

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