Kami’s bid gains support


SUPPORT for Steven Kami to head PNG Rugby has gained momentum in the past few days with Minister for Sports Justin Tkatchenko and possibly eight out of the 10 provincial rugby union presidents backing him.

As of Friday, Kami has received the support of eight of the 10 rugby unions this was according to four provincial presidents who spoke together in a press conference on Thursday.

Jacky Tokam president of Madang Rugby Union, Peter Prior West New Britain, Ako Maniana President of Central and Avea Hiarua President of Morobe Rugby Union who are lobbying their support for Kami with Capital Rugby Union, Oro, New Ireland and Bougainville also backing Kami.

“We discovered from IPA that the constitution was invalid we had to correct that so we reverted to the 1998 constitution, to the only legal document which was valid which is the 1998 constitution we could base any action on,” said Maniana.

This has led to Kami and his executives elected in the AGM using the only legal constitution that is registered with IPA for PNG Rugby Football Union (PNGRFU).

“For the last 7 years there has been a team that has been running according to a constitution that has never been legally registered for 7 years, and when we discovered this was going and despite how many AGM’s this issue was raised they have never bothered to register the constitution,” Kami said.

“People say rugby is a game that is played in heaven well lets attribute those heavenly qualities and lets forgive those who have wronged us let’s look at the future and get on with doing the things right for this great game.”

Tkatchenko is also behind Kami surprisingly showing his support when he referred to Kami as the head of the PNGRFU and gave him the thumbs up at a function for the Lomu Legacy Cup on Thursday evening in honour for the great All Blacks widow Nadene Lomu.

“I would like to acknowledge the new president of PNGRFU Steven Kami and the new chairman Peter Tsiamalili Jr. At the end of the day the sport of rugby union has a big place in Papua New Guinea and I always say if you don’t get the administration right….then sports will fail, Now we have a new president in Steven Kami and this gives me confidence as I know now the sport (Rugby Union) will move forward,” Tkatchenko said.

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