Basketball ventures into Hela

The Basketball Federation of Papua New Guinea (BFPNG) has partnered with ExxonMobil PNG Limited (EMPNG) to initiate a youth empowerment program that incorporates both life-skills training and health awareness, using basketball as the medium.

A coaching clinic was piloted with Juni Primary School in Hela Province over the weekend which saw 16 students from grades six to eight with four teachers participate in the clinic. It included basketball drills, techniques, life skills training and health education.

The BFPNG extended its invitation to the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee to promote the three Olympic values of Respect, Friendship and Excellence under its Olympic Values Education Program.

The students and youth were encouraged to recognise ways in which these values are displayed in everyday life and how they can display the Olympic values in their own behaviour and actions.

“To become a good player, you need the proper skills and knowledge of the game. At the same time, anybody can learn to play basketball with good skills but having the right attitude and discipline is important in their development as sports people and also as the future generation of PNG,”said Karo Lelai of BFPNG.

“The BFPNG has partnered with ExxonMobil PNG in this initiative given the company’s focus on youth development in PNG,” she said.

ExxonMobil PNG strives to provide young people in Hides with opportunities through community-based initiatives to help them develop important skills that they need to make a positive difference in their communities.

“The lessons learned in the basketball clinic help young people to develop skills that are important throughout life. By engaging with them meaningfully in this way we want to give them the right tools to not only develop themselves as people, but to pass those lessons on in their communities,” said ExxonMobil PNG’s Hides Gas Conditioning Plant Superintendent, Sagayaraj Martin.

The BFPNG is committed to working with its partners across PNG to use the power of basketball to positively impact social change. Together with ExxonMobil PNG, BFPNG will promote the core values of the game to help young people learn how to succeed both on and off the court.

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