Early Xmas surprise at Tabubil Hospital

Caption: The hospital staff with Tabubil Hospital Administrator Margareth Samei and Deepcore Drilling representative Jenna Griffins showing the donated items to the hospital.

CHRISTMAS came early for patients at Tabubil Hospital when Deepcore Drilling, a drilling contractor to Ok Tedi Mining Limited, donated beddings and children’s clothes and toys to the hospital.

The donation by the Australian based drilling company was received by the Tabubil Hospital Administrator Margareth Samei and employees at the hospital on Monday Nov 21.

Ms Samei thanked Deepcore Drilling Human Resource and Project Manager (PNG) Jenna Griffins for their kind gesture adding that the hospital would make very good use of the items.

“Thank you Jenna and your company for organising this donation and I also want to thank the hospital staff members for coming along to receive this donation.”

“We are very pleased to receive these items especially around this time of the year when we get a lot of patients coming in from remote areas and most of them don’t have access to things like baby clothes, beddings, which will be very useful to them,” Ms Samei said.

“On behalf of the team here I would like to thank Deepcore for the donation andsupport to the hospital especially for the patients,” added Ms Samei.

Deepcore Drilling representative Jenna Griffins said Deepcore Drilling was happy to help the hospital because the hospital staffs are also very helpful attending to their employee’s health requirements.

“We are very happy to help in any way we can, Deepcore helped a lot with the shipping of the items and we are very happy to help the babies, the children and the sick patients at the hospital.”

“The hospital has done a really good job around town, helped us out quite a few timesso we are very happy and thankful for the support from the hospital, hopefully this goes a long way to helping the patients.”

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