Venues handover on Nov 7

Caption: Live Your Goals goes to Kimbe…Children turned out in pink shirts to meet the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup mascot Susa in Kimbe early this week.


VENUES for the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup will be handed to FIFA on November 7. Wrk is progressing well to complete the two remaining mini stadiums before that date.

Minister for Sports and National Events Justin Tkatchenko made this clear on Thursday at a press conference. He said the total funding by the government was at a cost of K60 million.

He said the funding component of the government was for infrastructure and upgrading of facilities to meet FIFA standards, while FIFA had their own funding to host the tournament.

“The funding agreement between FIFA and the government was that the government would cover all the games infrastructure so that cost K60 million, which was budgeted for from the savings of the Pacific Games which has helped to fund the infrastructure, the funding was almost K30 million in savings to utilize,” he said.

“The government has counter funded K30 million while FIFA has put in $US10 million (K30 million) money for staffing and management to host the FIFA World Cup games to be played and organized properly.

“It is a big task infrastructure upgrading of existing facilities, change roomsfor the Sir John Guise Stadium and water tanks and pumps in schools and in venues all around the city for the training fields.”

Tkatchenko said that the facilities are now at high standards because of FIFAs high standards.

He also said the contractors and the government had only about less than 18 months to prepare.

Tkatchenko said the two mini stadiums at Bisini Parade and the PNG Football Stadium at the Sir John Guise stadium will be sub-leased to two sporting codes.

“It took us 18 months to build the infrastructure not a big time frame in that period, but we have built two brand new stadiums one at Bisini Parade and the PNG Football Stadium and upgraded facilities to FIFA standards FIFA have ticked the boxes,” he said.

“The stadium at Bisini Parade will be subleased to PNG Rugby Football Union and the PNG Football Stadium to PNG Football Association (soccer)”.

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